Arjun Bhalla

Interning with NTT Data


August 03, 2018

Over the Summer, I had the pleasure of being an intern at NTT Data, a multinational consulting firm, working as a Software Engineering Intern in the Cybersecurity division. Over the course of the internship I learnt a lot, met some fantastic people, and finally got to have the real Texas experience of a barbeque.

What I Did

There were two major tasks that I did during my 10-week tenure with NTT, along with some smaller side projects like redesigning the internal operations page and building a tool to scan for users with potentially compromised passwords.

The first thing I did was to spearhead an effort to stitch together the various components of their security fabric, tying together various security systems that were in use into a streamlined and central location, which involved finding and categorising network segments, as well as identifying gaps in the defences.

The second big project I was working on was to automate a manual process for the Incident Response team to generate profiles of attackers and victims, which allowed daily operations reports to not have to be done by hand, which saved around an hour or two a day.

I did a few other interesting things during my brief tenure at NTT over the summer, including a number of server upgrades, maintenance, and script development for internal tools, as well as beta testing some new security solutions for the Identity and Access management teams, as well as Governance, Risk, and Compliance team.

What I learned from this project

  • How to develop large-scale, production-quality Software and the necessity of writing excellent code
  • Working in a full team with a taller organisational structure
  • Various Security and networkings tools and platforms
  • Typical tech stack and workflow for Security operations